5 affordable pairs of shoes every woman should own

We all have that bittersweet moment when you realize that the shoes you’ve worn for many many years are no longer wearable. You have to throw them out and (of course) replace them with a new pair of shoes. For me, shoe shopping is about three things: style, price and versatility. If you also value these three principles, then you’ve come to the right place. These 5 pairs of shoes should be in your closet at all times.

1. Pumps

Pumps can be worn for a day at the office to a lunch with friends. Choose the heel height and width wisely, so you feel confident when walking around. Go for a dark or nude pointed toe pump.

Mango – was €59.99, now €29.99

2. Sensible Flats

Tired of wearing heels? Enter: the ballet flats and loafers! Don’t be afraid to go for a bold print or colour.

New Look on ASOS – was €18.57, now €12.86

3. Little Black Boots

Having a pair of black boot(ie)s is a MUST. Classic examples are the biker boots or chelsea boots. However, there are tons of other shapes, styles, etc. of black boots to choose from.

ZARA - €69.95
ZARA – €69.95

4. Converse Chuck Taylors

We must not forget comfort. Chucks are very comfortable and can be worn with sweat pants or with jeans. Invest in a neutral colour like white or dark blue.

Zalando - €69.95
Zalando – €69.95

5. Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are an easy way to smarten up any outfit. They look great with a pair of jeans, a dress or a black jumpsuit.

H&M - €29.99
H&M – €29.99

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