Moroccan Cuisine: 5 Specialties You Must Try Yourself!

Morocco, the most beautiful country in the world and the country where my roots lie. If there is one thing that I’m certain about, it’s that we Moroccans love food!

Even though Moroccan dishes are complicated, I found a couple of recipes that can guide you trough the process. These recipes all have the Moroccan seal of approval.

1. Tagine (or tajine)

The tagine dish is, without a doubt, the most eaten Moroccan dish of all time. Mind you, tagine is a cook pot, so the ingredients in it do vary from day to day. I found a great and easy chicken tagine recipe you can try out. Simply delicious!

Chicken Tajine

 2. Couscous

Couscous is probably the most famous dish of Moroccan cuisine. Generally, couscous is eaten on Fridays at lunch time when the whole family is together. Try this yummy vegetable couscous to impress your friends and family. vegetable couscous

3. Almond Brewat (or briwat)

Brewat are a type of snacks or appetizers made of filo pastry, which is a very thin pastry. The most popular kind are the triangular almond brewat with honey. These are really tricky, so be patient and follow the recipe step-by-step. The almond brewat are invited to every Moroccan family occasion and are usually served with mint tea.


4. Mint Tea

Moroccans probably drink more mint tea than water. In our house, we make tea at least once a day, usually twice. This is an easy recipe so you can make tea in less than 5 minutes. However, you will need a Moroccan tea pot, which you can find on eBay.


5. Beghrir

Beghrir are Moroccan pancakes. This dish is easy and quick! Again, usually served with mint tea.



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