Moroccan Beauty Secrets: 3 Products We Cannot Live Without

Morocco has a lot of beauty secrets. Most of these secrets are traditional products that are not sold in stores, but in souks (Moroccan markets). Argan Oil is the most popular beauty product, but it is no longer a secret. However, there are some out there that are relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Most of these products can be bought online, but they are commercialized, so chances are that they aren’t 100% au naturel.

1. Sabon Beldi

Sabon Beldi or “black soap” is a traditional, dark soap made of black olive paste. It is used in the hammam to wash the entire body. The soap is rubbed over the skin and is then rinsed with water. Sabon Beldi exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The best thing about it is that it’s completely natural and that it has no scent.


2. Powder Khol (or Kohl)

Powder Khol is an instant beauty product that nearly every Moroccan woman owns. My mother and aunts make this themselves (don’t ask me how), but it can also be purchased in any souk. We call it “Tazolt”, which is Berber for Khol. It only costs a couple of dirhams (not even a dollar/euro), which is why the Khol that Guerlain or Sephora offer is ridiculously overpriced.


The powder is a grayish-silver colour and is applied to the inside of the eye lids (like eye liner). It immediately gives your eyes a dark and mysterious look. The best thing about it? It cleans the eyes of impurities and even protects them from infections.


3. Mhakka

A Mhakka is a round terracotta stone that is used to scrub the body. The stone is rubbed on the bottom of the feet after a shower or bath, because that is when callouses are soft. The Mhakka is used to remove dead skin cells over the entire body. Best thing about it is that you need no special scrub or creme.



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