Moroccan Caftan Couture: Meriem Belkhayat

If you have ever been to Morocco, then chances are you have seen one of the many colourful Caftans on display in the souk (market place). The caftan is a traditional Moroccan piece of clothing that is worn for special occasions: holidays, weddings, etc. Most Moroccan women have their caftan(s) made to measure. They go to a khayat (dressmaker/seamstress) and they pick the fabric and the model they like. Most caftans cost around 1,000 MAD (about 100 euros/dollars). The more special the caftan, of course, the higher the price.


Even though the caftan is traditional in every way, it has managed to go with its time and be modernized along the way. A whole elite of Moroccan caftan designers has risen to the surface in the last 10 to 15 years who reinvent the traditional caftans. From yearly fashion shows to fashion editorials and even fashion schools for caftan couture. The caftan has become much more than a piece of clothing.

My favourite Moroccan designer of the season is Meriem Belkhayat (pictures above). A young designer who has learned the art thanks to her parents, never going to any sort of fashion school. She is featured in the yearly Caftan du Maroc défilé, a fashion show for Caftan designers. Click on the link below to see her caftans walk the runway in the 2014 edition of Caftan du Maroc.


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