Moroccan Furniture Essentials: Sedari

You know how most Western people have a set of couches in their home? Well,  most Moroccans don’t. We have something else: the sedari! The biggest difference between a couch and a sedari is probably that a sedari is custom-made in Morocco. We go to a sedari shop (there are many in the – you guessed it! – souk), we pick our fabrics, etc. The price of a sedari starts at about 8000 MAD (800 dollars/euros), but most people I know pay anywhere between 2-4 thousand dollars/euros for their entire sedari salon.

fabrics materials 2

The sedari consists of three essential parts: the wooden frame, the cushions (the actual part you sit on) and the pillows (neatly in a row). Then you can add extras in the same fabrics/materials such as custom-made stools, matching tables, etc. These are just details that are added to fit a family’s taste, room and budget.

fabrics materials

The wooden frame is carved with classic Moroccan (or modern) shapes. The sedari consists of multiple “benches” placed to make a U- or L-shape. The classic sedari doesn’t have a “back” part, the cushions are placed against the wall for support. That is why it is important to have a custom-made sedari: so it can fit a particular room, the benches placed neatly along the wall.  The cushions and pillows are upholstered in a fabric of choice. However, the fabric of the cushion and pillows is slightly different, yet completely matching. This is so that the pattern fits the shape (cushion vs. pillow). Last but not least: we Moroccans love colors and prints. The bolder the better!


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