Moroccan Fashion: 3 Tips for Buying Leather Shoes!

It is impossible to imagine the Moroccans souks without imagining the colourful shoe shops. Remember the shoes Carrie Bradshaw bought in SATC The Movie? Well, those were in fact 100% Moroccan! 3 Moroccan leather shoes are called belghat or idoukane (Berber). They are handmade and you can get them in tons of different colours, prints and models. The price also varies starting from 50 MAD (about 5 dollars/euros). If you’ve seen a specific model of Moroccan shoes online, don’t be afraid to show the shop owners. If they don’t have them they will show you where you can buy them. 4 Tip 1: Don’t Get Fooled by the Fit

If you buy ballet flats, or any kind of leather shoe you have to squeeze your foot into, make sure they are nice and tight when you’re fitting them. The leather will stretch and the shoe will become looser when you’ve worn them a couple of times. So if they were loose to start with, they will become too big after a while. Ask the seller if he thinks a certain shoe is too loose/too tight when fitting. He will probably know which fit is right for you.

Tip 2: Get a New Sole

As as soon as you’ve bought the shoes ask the seller where you can find a cobbler so he can add a new sole to the shoes. We Moroccans rarely (if never) wear leather shoes before having a new sole placed under them. We do it as soon as we’ve bought the shoes. It makes the shoes less slippery and more resistent.

Tip 3: Avoid water 

Another tip is try avoiding wearing your shoes when it’s raining (I know it’s not that simple). What I’m trying to say is: avoid puddles/wet grass/etc. at all costs! The water not only damages the leather but it also washes away the glue. And without glue, well …, you know what happens then.

I’ve made a gallery with some of my favourite models of Moroccan leather shoes. Enjoy en be inspired!


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