Green Moroccan Lipstick: Call It Magic?

This product is no stranger to beauty blogs, so I’ll keep it short.

What? A “magic” Moroccan lipstick that enhances and compliments your natural lip colour. The green one is the most popular one. The product is originally Chinese but, nowadays, it’s made in Morocco.


How? Ok, I need to confess Morocco’s national secret. The lipsticks are … not magic! (I know! Shocking, right?) In fact, it’s just science, at least, I think so. The lipstick reacts to your lips’ pH level and transforms them into a natural and unique shade.

Lipstik HARE idr 4500 (min 6) 5500 (min 3) Satuan 7.500 WARNA LIPSTICK HIJAU Bagi para jamaah yang baru pulang dari Mekkah dan Madinah baik itu untuk menunaikan Ibadah Haji ataupun Umroh tentunya sudah tidak asing lagi dengan oleh-oleh lipstick merk Har

Cost? The lipsticks are sold for 5 to 10 MAD, but only if you’re lucky enough to buy it in Morocco. They also retail online, but for a much higher price, of course.


Why? The lipstick stays on all day and only stains a lightly! They have a rather matte finish and they come in different colours. Each colour has a different intensity.


Conlusion: The lipsticks are definitely not magical, but they are rare lipstick wonder. 😉


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