Moroccan Style Icon: Princess Lalla Salma


HRH Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco is the wife of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. She’s the first wife of a Moroccan king to take a public role. She has her own foundations, makes visits to various hospitals, schools, etc. and is the perfect hostess when foreign leaders visit our country. She also addresses many issues in her speeches, public health in particular. However, her intelligence is not the only reason she is loved among Moroccans. Moroccan women love her because she is flying the flag for Moroccan fashion wherever she goes.


Whether she is wearing a dress, a suit or a caftan, our Lalla Salma never fails to impress. Whenever she attends a formal affair, she wears a caftan. She mostly chooses simple, traditional caftans. Her caftans are classy and look very chic, but are never “out there”.


Princess Lalla Salma always reminds me of a Berber beauty. She has vivid red hair (maybe henna dyed?), which she mostly wears down in natural waves or curls and her skin is flawless. Her clothing choice always compliments her hair and skin colour well. After all, part of her job is “looking good”.


2 thoughts on “Moroccan Style Icon: Princess Lalla Salma

  1. Hi, thanks for your post! I love Moroccan fashion. I was just wondering if you know why Princess Lalla Salma is not a queen in Morocco?


    1. Hello fashion freak! Thank you for commenting. Lalla Salma is not a queen, but she is the first wife of a Moroccan King to have been given the title of Princess. Before that, they did not hold any royal title. So her role is highly valued in Morocco. As for the title of queen, maybe the next King (her son) will make his wife a queen. I think that is their decision to make.


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