Moroccan Inspiration at Ikea: 5 Tips!

What is cooler than decorating your living room in a Moroccan style? It immediately adds warmth and mystery to the room. Ikea offers a lot of Moroccan inspired pieces at a great price. Here are 5 tips to give your house a Moroccan look.

1. Side Tables

Get a (couple of) side tables that have interesting shapes. Moroccan furniture has a lot of curves and decorations with flowers, leavers, etc.

KLINSBO – $39.99


LINDVED – $19.99


2. Stools

Moroccans like to sit on the floor, or at least very close to the floor. We always have stools in our living rooms, so we can sit around the table when we have visitors.

Don’t pick a regular stool, go for something unusual. Something with a bold print, in an unusual material.

ALSEDA – $29.99


3. Lighting

Try going for an unusual chandelier with interesting shapes that will create beautiful shadows. Materials that work well for this look are copper and gold. I would not go for anything silver or crystal, as I don’t think it would reflect the Moroccan style that well.

NYMÖ – $24.99


3. Storage units

Storage units can be rather boring. The easiest way to get the Moroccan look is by picking bold colours like red, blue or green. You can use rattan baskets to add effect.

KALLAX – $89.99


4. Cushions

The more cushions, the better! It’s even better if they’re all different in shape, pattern, etc. Try to stay within your room’s colour theme.

IKEA – various prices

5. Rugs

If there is one piece that can make or break a Moroccan living room, it’s the rug! Again, us Moroccans like to sit on the floor (only in Morocco, where it’s warm). So a nice, comfortable rug is really all that matters.

Go for something patterned, in bold or neutral colours.

Another thing that is typically Moroccan is a sheepskin rug. It is nice and warm (again, sitting on the floor) and it adds a “je ne sais quoi” element to your room because it’s kind of weird (but in a good way).

KATTRUP – $129.99


VALBY RUTA – $29.99


LAPPLJUNG – $79.99


TEJN – $12.99


STOCKHOLM – $199.00





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