Moroccan Caftan Fashion: Samira Mhaidi Knouzi

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because I’ve been super busy with school (lots of tasks, papers, exam studying, etc.). BUT, I thought it was time I filled you guys in on the latest fashion in the caftan world.

The designer I’ve been obsessed with lately is Samira Mhaidi Knouzi (it’s pronounced as it’s spelled). I saw her creations on this year’s edition of the annual Caftan show that is aired on national television in Morocco. Her designs are truly breathtakingly beautiful.  She uses a variety of fabrics including crêpe georgette, muslin, etc. Her caftans are completely hand-made, this includes sowing on the decorations, the embellishments and the rhinestones. Her designs are inspired by the Amazigh clothing style (so is the background music). This is especially visible in the placement of the drawings on the caftans.

The third caftan in the video below, with the black and the nude, is my absolute fave! I would love to wear it during a party in Morocco. The fourth one is also gorgeous, even though it’s a little further away from our traditional caftan. Take a look at her designs in the video below. Follow me on twitter or Facebook and let me know which design is your favourite!


2 thoughts on “Moroccan Caftan Fashion: Samira Mhaidi Knouzi

    1. Hi Salma, thanks for your comment! A caftan is the most beautiful piece of clothing a Moroccan woman can wear :). I plan to write about them regularly on my blog, so keep an eye out for my posts. Kind regards, Kadija


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