Moroccan Style: 10 High Street Caftans

Hi guys! What’s more comfortable than a caftan? … TRICK QUESTION, because NOTHING is more comfortable! Not only do Moroccan women wear caftans for special occasions, we also love wearing casual caftans at home. Especially during summer time because they are comfy, cool and fashionable all at once! We wear caftans from the souk (of course) but tons of high street shops offer some great caftans that are inspired by Moroccan fashion. Here are my picks:


Zara is my favourite store because it has both “out there” and basic pieces. Zara manufactures a lot of its clothing in Morocco, so it’s a good choice if you want to get the Moroccan look and feel.

ZARA – €39.95

7521064300_1_1_1 7521064300_6_1_1

7521067251_1_1_1 7521067251_6_1_1

7521066420_2_2_1 7521066420_6_1_1

2. H&M

H&M needs no introduction. It’s the place to be for fashionable and affordable pieces.

H&M €39.99

 hmprod-3 hmprod-4

H&M €19.99

hmprod hmprod-2


Asos has taking the internet shopping world by storm. They offer many different caftans at various prices. Just search for “caftan” and be amazed!

ASOS- €47.94

image1xxl image3xxl

ASOS – €49.31

image1xxl-2 image3xxl-2


New look is always a big hit with student who are on small budgets (like me!).

New Look – £14.99



Mango is very similar to ZARA, but it’s less “out there” in my opinion.

MANGO – €19.99

43045539_99_R 43045539_99-43090013_99-43060118_99-43085657_99-43015644_99

MANGO – €49.99

43089020_85_B 43089020_85_R 43089020_85


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