Visit Chefchaouen: the blue city

Chefchaouen is a city located in the Rif mountains in the northwest of Morocco that is known for its beautiful blue houses and buildings. Everywhere you look there is a sea of white and blue. It’s truly breathtaking and the colours instantly give a summery feel. This is the ideal holiday location if you’re thinking of traveling to Morocco.

Chefchaouen, or Chaouen as we often call it, is one of Morocco’s most loved tourist hot spots. Its name comes from the Berber word “Ichawen” (horns) which refers to the shape of the mountain tops above the town. Chefchaouen is a popular shopping destination as well, as you can buy many native handicrafts there that are available nowhere else, like wool garments and woven blankets.

If you are thinking about traveling to Chefchaouen, take a look at 2 hotels/B&Bs I personally selected for you. Enjoy!

1. Dar Meziana

Average price: +- €390 ($430) for 8 nights in a double room during high season

Dar Meziana is truly amazing. You can feel the tradition in its elegant and rustic interior. This B&B will give you the real Moroccan experience. Just take a look at these pictures and prepare to be amazed.

2. Riad Nerja Chaouen

Average price: +- €260 ($300) for 8 nights in a double room during high season

Riad Nerja Chaouen may be less glam than my previous pick, but it still offers everything you need and more. You can get the Moroccan authenticity for less money. It’s a great choice for those who want great value for their money.







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