5 Moroccan-style Pieces from H&M Home: Spice Up Your Interior

Hi guys! Here I am again with another blog post on how to ‘Moroccanize’ your decor. The 3 basic principles to keep in mind when looking for oriental pieces is print, colour and texture. A piece does not have to be Moroccan for it to feel Moroccan. Know what I mean? Authentic Moroccan furniture & art is quite pricey, so here’s how to get the look for less!

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1. Round jute rug: €24.99

Guys, honestly: this carpet just made my day. It immediately reminds me of Morocco, where jute is a popular material for all sorts of baskets (bread baskets, gardening baskets, etc.). Even though the carpet is quite small, it does make a big statement. Especially in a room with white furniture (as on the picture). 2die4! (do people still say that?)


2. Metal bowls: €5.99

These bowls that come in copper and gold are a great way to serve all sort of snacks. They make a nice change from boring glass and porcelain bowls and instantly ‘Moroccanize’ your dining table. Do not get all the bowls in one colour! Try to mix them up by getting a couple of each. I promise they will make your food look even more tasteful!


3. Azure bath towels: €5.99

Do you want to bring a little piece of Morocco to your bathroom? Then these towels are definitely up your alley! The vivid blue reminds of Chefchaouen (see previous post) and the Mediterranean Sea. You only need two or three of these towels to make the statement. These towels are also available in other colours if you don’t like the blue. Simply mix them with some white towels you already own … et voilà! If we can’t go to Chefchaouen, we’ll simply bring Chefchaouen to us.


4. Decorative rhinestones: €2.99

Add these rhinestones to your table setting to make your table sparkle Moroccan-style. I say Moroccan because a) we do like sparkles and b) the golds and the browns are very oriental. Add some ‘Moroccanized’ candle holders with candles to your table and boom … you just got yourself a Moroccan table setting. Ok, I’m exaggerating, buuut the Moroccan vibe will definitely be there. I promise!


5. Wall candle holder: €19.99

Speaking of candle holders, check out this awesome wall candle holder! Can you imagine the effect of the shadows with the mirrors and with the candle? Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is that I would love to have this in our Moroccan-style living room. I would combine it with a few other (special-looking) mirrors to maximize the drama. This decorating tip is especially useful for people who have a small space to work with. Mirrors give a (false) sense of spaciousness in smaller rooms.


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