Boucherouite rugs!

Boucherouites are traditional Berber rugs and carpets that are hand-made by Berber women. The rugs are woven from wool and recycled pieces of fabric such as nylon and cotton. The traditional rugs are not particularly considered as special in Morocco, they were not even displayed in the souk shops until recently. Today, they are very popular with designers all over Europe, the US and Australia.

The vibrant colours and rich textures can bring any room to life. What makes the carpets so special, is that each one is a unique piece of art. The Berber women do not have pre-designed patterns they hold themselves to. They just choose the colours and patterns as they go, making each carpet an authentic artistic expression. The women do not consider what they do an “art” and would never describe themselves as artists. But we know better.

bedroom boucherouite

Moroccan Boucherouite Carpet No 646

Moroccan Boucherouite Carpet No 635

Moroccan Boucherouite Carpet No 646 detail

Boucherouite de Talsint BU02 5'10" x 2'10"

Moroccan Boucherouite Carpet No 640

Moroccan Boucherouite Carpet No 634


Design Trend: Boucherouite Rugs


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