5 IKEA Pieces On My Wishlist!

Hi guys and girls! I don’t know if you’ve read my previous Ikea post, but if you have, then you know I looove me some Ikea. I catch myself browsing their website without actually needing anything. I like their minimalistic pieces, as well as their ethnically-inspired pieces. Howeverrr, what I like most about Ikea are their minimalistic… PRICES! You can buy pieces there that look like designer pieces, but for only a fraction of a ‘design’ price. I’ve found another 5 pieces that I will definitely be getting in the future. Enjoy!

1. BEKKESTUA headboard: €170 or $300

This neutral-coloured headboard will fit in any bedroom with earthy/beige/grey tones. The details with the buttons make it look very very expensive (even though it’s actually already quite expensive, but let’s just ignore that).

2. MALM dressing table: €99.90 or $149

This item has been on my wish list for ages! Simple and practical: classic Ikea.

3. ALEX drawer unit (9 drawers): € 99.90 or $129

Every beauty blogger on YouTube uses this drawer unit to store their make up in. So I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile now.


4. SÖDERHAMN footstool: €179 or $179

Did you guys notice that it’s cheaper in the US? I wish they would price it down a bit in Europe because this turquoise footstool looks very stylish. This is possibly my dream footstool. (I know, right? The sky is the limit for my goals!)

5. MULIG clothes rack: €8.99  or $9.99

If you like to hang out your outfit for the next day(s), then this is the piece you need. It looks much tidier if you use a clothes rack, rather than your door or a chair. That’s why I need this in my life. I would be much more organized if I had it. (I really really believe this is the one thing I need to finally be organized!)

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