Another Primark Post

Hi guys! You may already know that I’m a huge Primark fan (check out my previous Primark post here) because they have cool clothes at affordable prices. The quality may not be #OnFleek but who cares! They are designed to last me a year or so and that’s about how long I need them. I’ve picked out 5 items that I will be “hunting” for on my next shopping trip. I hope you get inspired by my choices. Enjoy!

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1. Sunglasses: €4/$5

2. “More issues than Vogue” notebook: prices from €1/$1

Filed under: need NOW! Prices from €1/$1 #Primark #Primarket #stationery

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3. Cheap highlight/contour make up: prices from €1.5/$1.50

4. Gold shoes: €13/$15

5. Statement earrings: prices from €3/$3.50


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