Morocco Travel: 5 Basis Words & Expressions In Darija (Moroccan Arabic)

Hi guys! If you are thinking of visiting Morocco, you will need to know some basis words and expressions to help you communicate with the locals. As we all know, people appreciate it when you try to speak to them in their language, even if it’s not that good. So I’ll try to teach you a bit of Darija for your next trip to Morocco. Enjoy!

1. Salam (u ‘laykoum)

“Salam” is the basic greeting in Morocco, it means “Peace (be upon you)”. If the second part is too difficult, you can drop it. The locals will understand you enough to reply “Wa’aleykoumsalam”, which basically means “right back at you”.

2. Labas?

“Labas” means “how are you” in Darija. The reply is “Bekhir, shoukrane” and you can use the same tone you would use when saying “I’m good, thanks”. Now, the -kh- in “Bekhir” is like the -J- in José. The polite way to continue after you reply “bekhir, shoukrane” is of course to ask “wenta/wenti” which means “and you”. The first (wenta) is used when talking to men and the second (wenti) is used when talking to women.

3. Shoukrane

“Shoukrane” means “thanks”. If you are really thankful you can say “shoukrane bezaf” which means “thanks a lot”. The reply to this is “bla jmeel” which means “no worries”.

4. Mafhemtsh

The phrase “ma-fhemtch” means “I don’t understand” and can be used in the same way as the English translation.

5. Atini tisaa!

This means “leave me alone!” and can be used when you are being bothered by annoying salesmen in the souk. This will definitely be impress them enough to leave you alone.

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