Meet Taroudant!

Hi guys! Have you every heard of Taroudant? No? Well, I don’t blame you for not knowing Taroudant because it’s a small town in the Souss valley of Morocco. Taroudant is where my roots lie and we still go there at least once a year. The town is located about 80 kilometers from Agadir and 270 kilometers from Marrakech.

Taroudant has a lot of amazing places you can visit but let me tell you about my fave “tourist attraction”: the still intact town wall which was built in 1528! Pretty amazing, right?! The town centre is entirely surrounded by the wall that is nearly 6 kilometers long, complete with 9 gates that all have names (Bab Targhount, etc.). The town also has a great souk with many merchants who specialize in spices, terracotta, leather goods and… argan oil! The argan tree grows in the Souss valley, so Taroudant is somewhat of an argan hub.

Another one of Taroudant’s trademarks are the horse-drawn carriages. Plus, the town is surrounded by the most amazing landscapes: the Atlas Mountains. If you’re more of a beach person: the beach is only one hour away in Agadir. In short, Taroudant is my favourite place on earth. There is a reason that they call it the mini-Marrakech. I’ve included some Instagram pictures so you can understand why. Enjoy!

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