6 Stylish Boohoo Sunglasses under £6!

Hi guys! Summer is around the corner so I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of cheap sunglasses that I can combine with all the amazing (*cough*) outfits I have lined up for sunny days. Just kidding, I’m 23, I don’t have my life together that much. I just stand in front of my closet every morning and I carefully choose the clothes that make it look like I care.

Sunglasses, however, are an entirely different matter. They conveniently hide my dark circles so that I can look cool, even when I’ve slept little (which is most days). I’ve selected 6 pairs from Boohoo.com that can instantly make you look cooler. These beauties are especially recommended if you are on a money diet. I hope you get inspired. All the prices are in pounds, but they ship international as well. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: please spend your money wisely. Do not purchase any of these items unless you really, REALLY need them.*

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  1. Ava Matt Black Metal Arm Aviator Sunglasses


2. Diana Square Frame Sunglasses


3. Ava Gold Frame Revo Lense Aviator Sunglasses


4. Mollie Round Plastic Frame Sunglasses


5. Lacey Revo Lense Aviator


6. Boutique Claire Cat Eye Sunglasses


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