Henna tattoos!

Hi guys! Lately, I have been watching a lot of Henna tutorials on YouTube and I found a henna artist called @Girly_Henna who is crazy talented. Check out her designs in the video below. Enjoy!

Meet Taroudant!

Hi guys! Have you every heard of Taroudant? No? Well, I don’t blame you for not knowing Taroudant because it’s a small town in the Souss valley of Morocco. Taroudant is where my roots lie and we still go there at least once a year. The town is located about 80 kilometers from Agadir and 270 kilometers… Read More Meet Taroudant!

Interior Essentials: Moroccan Leather Pouffe

Hi guys! I have yet another Moroccan classic for your interior mood board: the leather “pouffe” (you guys all have one, right?). They are small, hand-made leather bags filled with textiles/wools/etc. to turn them into soft footstools/cushions. The pouffes come in all colours under the sun, but the most popular ones are the brown and the white ones. The… Read More Interior Essentials: Moroccan Leather Pouffe